Here, you can win your entry into the Liverpool tour! Feel free to ask your parents for help, but try and avoid using google! Just take the quiz and write down your score. Every answer you score right, you will score 1 point and this will count towards your tournament score!

Good luck!


#1. What do you call the Liverpool accent?

The answer is Scouse.

#2. Which of these famous bands is from Liverpool?

The Beetles is the correct answer. They had 17 number ones in the charts!

#3. Liverpool is closer to Ireland than it is to London. True or false?

Liverpool is closer to Ireland! Liverpool is 218km to Dublin, and over 356km to London!

#4. What is "scran"

Scran is Scouse slang for food. “I’m starvin’, got any scran?”

#5. Liverpool is full of old buildings, and lots of movies have shot scenes there. But which of these films HASN'T used Liverpool as a location?

Star Wars is the only movie out of the list that has not done any filming in Liverpool.

#6. What is the name of the river that Liverpool is on?

The answer is the River Mersey. It has a length of 113km!

#7. As well as Liverpool FC, what other football team comes from Liverpool?

The answer is Everton.

#8. Are there 2 brothers that are professional tennis players who come from Liverpool?

Yes, they are the Skupski brother who are from Liverpool. Ken has a current world ranking of 51 and Neal has a ranking of 29 in doubles.

#9. What's a "Wet Nelly"?

Wet Nelly is a local Liverpool favourite. It’s a moist version of Nelson Cake, a Lancashire fruit cake, hence the name Wet Nelly.

#10. What is shot most commonly known as (2 answers)

This shot is commonly referred to as the tween / hot dog


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