Mike’s tennis journey began at Mold tennis club

Mike first started playing tennis at his local primary school and was hooked straightaway. He soon started pestering his parents to take him down to Mold Tennis Club to start tennis lessons. Mike began at Mold leisure centre playing short tennis and his first tennis coach was Margaret Lewis. He loved attending every Saturday and playing local tournaments at every opportunity.

Mike then progressed on to mini tennis with Phil Webb and then to squads with Eddie Hill and Vicki Broadbent. Before long, Mike was playing between 3-5 times a week. Mike thoroughly enjoyed the coaching and there were always lots of players there to challenge Mike. Mike remembers that there was always a great environment and adult members were very welcoming and would let juniors take part in their club nights!

At the age of 17, Mike completely stopped playing tennis due to exams and other interests. His interest in tennis had unfortunately fizzled out. It was only by chance a year later that Mike bumped into former coach Eddie Hill who suggested that Mike should start playing again. Eddie passed on contact details of a current A team player and Mike decided to arrange a game. Whilst Mike was rusty, he thoroughly enjoyed playing again and this chance meeting had reignited Mike’s love of tennis.

Shortly after, Mike was asked to play for the men’s and mixed teams in the leagues and Mold won several titles. It was great for Mike to be competing again. Mike then went off to study at Bangor university, but would always be back at Mold playing during any study breaks and whenever he could at university!

As Mike was enjoying tennis so much, he decided to do his level 2 coaching award. Mike started coaching a few of his friends and fell in love with coaching instantly. He knew he wanted to do this as a career. Fast forward 5 years later, this has led to a full time career for Mike who is now a level 4 Tennis Coach working at Pen-y-ffordd and Helsby Tennis Club. Mike is never away from a tennis court and this is down to Mike’s fantastic experience at Mold Tennis Club. Mike is still in touch with and plays against friends who he met over 16 years ago at Mold!

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LTA Licensed Level 4 Tennis Coach.

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