Racket restringing in Mold

UKRSA Qualified Racket Stringer and Technician, Mike Herd, offers professional racket restringing in Mold. Rackets cam be dropped off and picked up at Bryn Siriol Dental Practice. Parking is free for 30 minutes. You can also drop them off at Pen-y-ffordd Tennis Club in Flintshire and Helsby Tennis Club in Cheshire.

Rackets will usually be restrung within 48 hours or in some cases 24 hours. Mike stocks only top quality string. Do you have a favourite string? No problem. That can can usually ordered in within 24 hours.

Mike offers the best stringing service in Flintshire. Your racket deserves the same treatment as the professional players receive at grand slam tournaments.

All rackets receive the following expert service:

  1. Thoroughly cleaned and grommets inspected.
  2. Racket manufacturer’s logo stencilled on.
  3. Racket is regripped if needed.
  4. Sealed in a polythene bag ready for collection.

Prices vary between £15 – £20. We can advise you which is the best string and tension to suit your game as Mike is also a professional level 4 Tennis Coach. Mike will also take into account things like tennis elbow and can hopefully alleviate some of the symptoms or even cure it. Many players have been able to get back on court thanks to some of his tips and tricks.

If you loved your restring, Mike will happily replicate the exact same tension as last time as all restrings are stored on a database. Sometimes a few changes may be required to get it just right for you such as stringing a pound or two higher or lower. If you fancy a little bit more power or control then we can adjust the tension next time to what you desire.

Mike records the dynamic tension (playability) after each restring and can track tension loss over time.


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