Mike Herd is a certified racket stringer and technician with the UK Racket Stringers Association. Mike offers racket restringing in Wrexham. He was trained by one of the world’s best racket stringers, Liam Nolan. Liam used to string Federer and Nadals rackets at Wimbledon and he has passed on all of his tips and tricks to Mike.

Are you looking for expert Racket restringing in Wrexham?

Mike provides high quality restrings for all levels of players throughout Cheshire and North Wales. He has played tennis to county standard and is a level 4 tennis coach so he can provide expert advice. Lots of league and aegon team players are choosing Mike for their restrings due to his knowledge and skills. He has also been able to get many players suffering from tennis elbow back playing again.

No one will treat your racket with more care than Mike. All rackets are cleaned, grommets inspected and an overgrip is included free of charge. One of his standout features is an ERT tennis computer which can measure and track tension loss of your racket. This can help you decide when it is time to resting and only a handful of stringers in the UK have this device.

Only the best quality strings are stocked and any string can be ordered in within 24 hours. All strings have been tested by Mike and reviewed by his players and stored on a database. This will give you a good starting point when selecting a new string set up.

Prices are one of the best in the area. A high quality synthetic gut restring starts at £15 which is suitable for most players. The maximum price you will pay is £20 for a top of the range multifilament string.

Rackets can usually be turned around within 48 hours, but a 24 hour express service is available. They can be dropped off at Pen-y-ffordd Tennis Club or in Mold. Mike may be able to meet you in or near Wrexham depending on his schedule.

For further information regarding restrings click on his racket restringing page Racket restringing or on Facebook Mike Herd Racket Restringing


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