Tennis, Badminton and Squash Racket Restringing

UKRSA Qualified Racket Restringing Service

Tennis, Badminton and Squash Racket Restringing

Are you strings feeling lifeless, taking away the power and control you once had…? Perhaps you are losing matches that you used to win…? They may have even broken…? Maybe you have the dreaded tennis elbow…? Are you sick and tired of getting poor quality stringing and waiting ages to get your racket back?

Do not fear! Mike is a professional stringer. He is one of the only qualified UKRSA Stringer and Technicians in the area, and can help you with any of the above problems. Mike has been to many courses and conferences to learn from all of the best tennis, badminton and squash stringers to ensure that you get the best possible service.

As an experienced LTA Level 4 Tennis Coach, Mike can recommend the best string and tensions to improve your game and hopefully cure your tennis elbow! Take a look at Mike’s blogs on Best tennis racket for tennis elbow and Best tennis string for intermediate players which is also suitable for beginner and advanced club players.

Strings are often overlooked by most players; it is surprising as they make up 50% of the racket. Make sure you are not one of them! Strings lose lots of tension over time (even when not in use!) which can significantly impact on your performance. Whatever your level, a fresh restring can get you back to winning ways.

Rackets can conveniently be dropped off and picked up in Mold. Mike can also meet you at a convenient location in or around Chester, Wrexham and Flintshire. We are also the official stringers at Ruthin and Denbigh Tennis Club. Postal service is also an option.

Give Mike a call today on 07527 908808 or click on the form below to arrange your restring and he will be more than happy to help arrange or answer any questions.

UKRSA qualified restringer

Mike qualified as a certified stringer in 2013 by passing the UKRSA stringing qualification and UKRSA Technician course in 2014. He was taught by Liam Nolan, former Head Stringer of Wimbledon. Mike regularly attends stringing conferences to keep up to date with all of the latest techniques for badminton and squash stringing as well.

Your racket will be treated just like Andy Murray’s at Wimbledon. All rackets are cleaned, grommets inspected, stenciled with the manufacturer’s logo and an overgrip is applied if necessary and then wrapped in a polythene bag. Mike then measures your dynamic tension and stores your restring information on a database for future reference.

Racket Restringing prices vary between £15 – £25. A free overgrip and stencil is included with every restring. Mike offers the best service around, whilst offering very competitive prices. Mike stocks only the best quality strings and grips and he can order your favorite string within 1-2 days.

Under normal circumstances, Mike would expect to complete the restring within 48 hours of receiving it. A 24 hour express service is available at an extra charge. This is only available on stocked strings.

Top of the range stringing machine

Unfortunately a lot of stringers use cheap manual machines, which are often way off with the tension, resulting in the racket performing very poorly. This is where Mike standsout from the crowd. Mike’s machine is an FST 650. This machine is highly regarded by the UKRSA and it has been used many times on their professional stringing courses. Mike’s tension head of choice is an Wise 2086 professional constant pull, which produces accuracy to one tenth of a pound. A diablo is used to lessen the stress on the string and prevent the crushing of the string in the gripper.

Your racket deserves the best service

You can see the professional players on the TV changing their rackets after every few games as they know just how important the strings are to their game.

Whilst we can only dream of this luxury, we should still try and keep our racket at optimal performance. A general guideline is to restring your racket the same number of times per year as you play per week.

However, if you are serious about winning, strings should ideally be changed once they lose 10-20% of tension, as you will subconsciously start changing your technique to compensate for the loss of tension and control in the strings. Mike can track your tension loss using an ERT 300 Tennis Computer, which can then help you decide when it is time to restring.

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